Tagaytay Art Beat is an annual art and music festival showcasing the talents of emerging performers and visual artists, with hope to raise appreciation and recognition towards the local art and independent music scenes.

Through Tagaytay Art Beat, we wish to encourage and inspire the Filipino youth to explore their own creative and artistic passions.

We value ‘local’ and aim to help tourism in Tagaytay by bringing thousands of visitors from Manila to enjoy what the windy city has to offer – great food, affordable accommodations, and spectacular views.


an established art museum in the heart of Tagaytay overlooking the famous Taal Lake and showcasing the artistry of internationally acclaimed sculptor Ramon Orlina - pioneer and foremost practitioner of glass sculpture in the country. It has become Tagaytay’s top attraction, ranking #1 in "Things to do in Tagaytay" on TripAdvisor (http://bit.ly/toptagaytay). The museum also boasts a sculpture garden and an amphitheater.


A local music production that started in 2012 and aims to elevate the local independent music scene with consistent tasteful curation for appreciative audiences. It intends to be a music discovery platform for local music lovers and supporters. Awarded Jack Daniel’s “Prod of the Year” in 2015, Docdef continuously strives to scout for new talents that deserve more exposure and recognition.


25 Musical Performances, 22 Visual Artists, 3 DJ Sets, Live Murals, Access to all Museo Orlina Galleries & Roof Deck Lounge, Magicians, Curated Photo Room, Henna and Permanent Tattooing, Local Merchandise, Event T-shirt & Tote Bag, Food & Drinks Vendors, and many more!


  • Jappy Agoncillo

    Last year, Jappy attended Tagaytay Art Beat for the first time and wished to be part of the line-up of artists one day. This year, his dream comes true! You may find him working on his permanent mural at the roofdeck of Museo Orlina on May 19!


  • Deejae Paeste

    A returning Tagaytay Art Beat muralist, Dee Jae is known for his ancient-futuristic-indigenous style. Dee Jae is also a co-founder of KAPWA Studio, a barbershop salon cum creative space which celebrates passion, collaboration, and art very much like Tagaytay Art Beat.


  • Kris Abrigo

    Kris Abrigo is a renowned artist both in the local and international art scene. He is known for his colorful and geometric murals, and has coated walls across Metro Manila. You might have spotted his 70ft mural in BGC, which is hailed as the largest street art mural in the Philippines.


  • Distort Monsters

    Distort Monsters, or also known as Miggy, paints for a living. He runs an alternative art space in Cubao Expo called Hidden Space Co where most of his colorful, cartoonish creations are born.


  • Aral Cru: Frank

    Frank enjoys slipping in hints of satire into his surreal portraits and characters. His philosphy on street art, mainly graffiti and murals, is that it very much symbolizes freedom.


  • Aral Cru: Cinos

    “My goal of making art is not just to comfort but above all I create art to stir human emotions. Letting them indulge in the feeling given by the instant they realize that their imagination can no longer be just an imagination. Reality is now an illusion; a misinterpreted perception.”


  • Aral Cru: Bvdot

    Bvdot's work most often revolves around ambiguous human and animal characters, and addresses graffiti, hip-hop, pop culture and other elements which was shaped and influenced by his youth.



  • Mykie Concepcion

    A realist artist, Mykie's works are mostly portraits, still life and figures. She does murals as well, maybe you've seen her works in one of the Pintxos restuarants? If not, you will catch her prints in this year's exhibit!


  • Gab Loste

    Gab recently celebrated his one year anniversary of sharing his IG story vlogs! He shares his talent and tips with everyone on how to make that trippy and dope shots through YouTube. His photography style has become the inspiration for this year's TAB neon theme!


  • Gab Baez

    Gab Baez started painting at a young age and immediately got hooked on it. Maybe you too will get hooked on her contemporary styled acrylic works this May 19!


  • Lhean Storm

    Coming from a family of artists, Lhean is grateful to have found her passion in creating art early on. She was able to play around with different art mediums growing up, but now feels most comfortable with ink and mixed media on paper. Her art’s psychedelic motif displays her adventurous and spontaneous personality.

  • Hannah Bundalian

    Hannah's fluorescent artworks will definitely highlight this year's Tagaytay Art Beat neon theme! She spends her time exploring different mediums from painting, pen and ink, tattooing, and also digital and film photography through her usual themes of skulls, aliens, and flowers.


  • Dennis Bato

    Dennis Bato graduated with a degree in Architecture, but decided to pursue his passion to be a full-time visual artist. He believes art is a tool to create, innovate and inspire. Be inspired by Dennis' pieces in Museo Orlina this May!


  • Bea Policarpio

    Bea is a Manila-based artist specializing in abstract and impasto painting.Her artworks are spontaneous and expressive in her use of vivid colors and wild textures, yet each piece reveals a certain vulnerability and depth in their content.


  • Kim Pamela Co

    As a visual artist, Kim specializes in whimsical and intricate watercolor works. She is also a freelance calligrapher, hand letterer, designer, and illustrator through her platform Letterista MNL.


  • Razel Mari

    Razel is an Industrial Engineering graduate that is currently undergoing further studies under the Design Center of the Philippines. He spends his free time sculpting pieces that incites curiousity and piques his audience'a interest.


  • Rydel Arayata

    Rydel abides by his art philosophy that "art will define you before you define it."


  • Lee Caces

    An Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Lower Antipolo. Like his work, you can find him pretty much everywhere. If there's a signature touch that screams Lee, it would be the hand type fonts he adds to his travelogues and photos.


  • Jenny Gernale

    Jenny is a full-time graphic artist, but she makes sure to sneak in some time to create her own. She finds watercoloring relaxing and treats it as her art therapy, but she specializes in illustrating minimalist graphite portraits.


  • Jess de Leon

    Jessica de Leon is an artist and athlete in no particular order. She works with different mediums like oil, watercolor, and paper with subjects that always lean towards more natural forms or the ephemeral.


  • Dennis Jimenez

    "One of my greatest passion that I discover in my life is wood sculpture. Music and the things around me urged me to be a sculptor. Our place is abundant in scattered trunk of trees which I used as a medium for my sculptures. The ethnic music helped me nourish my mind to create styles.”

  • Anthony Molina

    As an aquarist, Anthony is fond of maintaining species of South American Cichlids and Arowanas. He also is inclined to music and the arts and managed to create a series of string artworks. His hobbies also include playing badminton, bowling, and weight training.






OPTION 1: Tripkada

TAB3 Tickets Only (Php 2,000)

TAB3 Tickets with Roundtrip Transpo (Php3,000)

TAB3 Ticket with Roundtrip Transpo
& Overnight Accommodation (Php4,800)

OPTION 2: Meetups

Locations: Katipunan, Taft, España. Sign up and read instructions in the link:

OPTION 3: Selling Points

Please contact point person before proceeding to Selling Point location to ensure availability of tickets!

GREENHILLS Tof Rellera - 0917 520 0526
Dreambuild 3D Technologies
Unit 24, Granada St., Villa Ortigas
Quezon City
Open Tuesday-Friday 8AM-5PM
CUBAO X Miguel Antonio - 0917 861 1781
Hidden Space Studio
2nd Floor, Kendo Creative, Unit 33 Cubao Expo, Gen. Romulo St. Cubao, Quezon City
Open Monday-Friday 3PM- 9PM
POBLACION Dee Jae Paeste - 805 7947
Kapwa Studios
5059A P Burgos, Poblacion
Open Monday-Saturday 11AM - 8PM
MUSEO ORLINA Alyssa Manalo - (046) 413 2581
Hollywood St., Hollywood Subd.
Tolentino East, Tagaytay City, Santa Rosa
Tagaytay Rd, Tagaytay, Cavite
Open Tuesday-Sunday 10AM - 6PM